How much does it cost to have a website?

This is usually the first question that people ask.

It is almost impossible to give a client a price on the phone. Companies that do that are giving you what we call a 'cookie cutter' type website that is not a custom designed site.

We determine the price by meeting with each client during a free 1 or 2 hour consultation and website planning session to  determine each and every aspect and requirement for your custom website project and provide you with a completed project price based on the results of that planning session.

If we sold 'canned' website, or pre-designed 'cookie cutter' type website that only gave you a simple 'brochure' then we could pre-price a website simply by the number of pages and images etc.

However, since we only create 'custom' websites, it's like asking how much time it takes to take a trip without knowing where you're going or what means of transportation you plan on using.

I estimate $100 per page to be about what any professional custom web page will cost to design and publish. Creating a website for a corporation or a small business should contain some basics. Usually 5 to 10 pages consisting of an index or Home Page, and the rest of the pages to display your services or products. A form page to fill out for ordering or gathering information.

Of course many websites require hundreds of pages and special features and different levels of graphic requirements. Many websites require special programming and graphic treatment or special e-commerce packages at additional costs which can vary from fairly moderate to high depending on the requirements.


Can I make money with my website?

This is probably the most anticipated question when one contemplates creating a website. The answer is yes. However, that isn't what people mean when they ask the question. What they really are asking is can you guarantee if I create a website, will I make money?


The answer to that question is NO. I can't guarantee that.

But if properly created, and with proper content and strategies, you will have a better chance with our guidance than if you try to create a website yourself, or have a friend do it, or even hire other so called pro's who do not have our knowledge of the internet and how to build a 'successful' website.


What will a website do for me?

For companies and corporations, an Internet website is almost mandatory in today's business world. It allows your company to present your corporate image and products or services to anyone in the world who is connected to the Internet. E-mail is rapidly becoming the choice of communication between companies and individuals.

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, seller, or service provider, you can also profit from the advantages of the Internet.


Why can't I just place a classified ad and have someone call me to sell my products?

You can do that but the results will depend on where you place your ad. How many people will see it. Internet shopping malls, Internet Yellow Pages, and classified advertising venues would be your best bet. However, a classified ad is usually listed alphabetically within a category heading and that could limit the chance that someone would ever read your ad.


Why hire a web designer when there are so many software products available that makes it relatively easy to create my own website?

Having software that does most of the editing to create a stock website does not however mean you will be creating a website that has all of the elements necessary to make it functional and successful in today's complex and highly competitive Internet market.


Unless you are familiar with the marketing strategies, website composition, features that could actually damage your website credibility, in other words, what NOT to do or place on your website, then you are probably going to produce a website that is just like every other non functioning website and it will neither serve you or the Internet.

Cybermountain Website Designs are always designed with two things in mind.

Create a website that will not only serve our clients but also serve the Internet. We do that by making sure that your website will be designed to contain the not so obvious elements that are more important than even the main home page or even your products or services.


Remember, no mater what your website looks like, or what you are selling, you must have a compelling reason for people to not only visit your website, but inspire them to return again and again. This is the hard part, and we know how to do that.