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Why choose San Diego Internet Services?
What's the 'secret' to designing a successful website?
Why should you have an Internet web site?
Should you attempt to create your own web site?
What type of web site is right for you?
Psychology of marketing on the InternetPublishing your website, Hosting services or Service Provider?
Your URL, Domain name? or public address?
Why should you choose San Diego Internet Services for your website design company?

Because we not only provide the standard elements of designing a website but also provide additional emphasis on the success of your site.

You'll get:

Free Design Consultation - Includes a complete storyboard planning session.
An insight into the psychology of the Internet.

How people react to your website and why?

Custom Design - not a 'canned' or 'cookie cutter' website.Custom Graphics - Each image receives a complete treatment for best internet resultsPersonal attention - We are available even after the website is finished to help.

We include methods, techniques and design strategies that give your site a better chance of producing the results you desire. Most other website design companies do not touch on these issues and tend to lessen the effectiveness of your site.


What is the secret to creating a 'successful' website?

That information is revealed in our "FREE CONSULTATION"

It's simple, it isn't really a big secret, but most other website companies just don't take the approach that we offer. Make an appointment and find out!

Why should you have a web site on the Internet?

Every company or corporation should have an Internet presence, even if you don't intend to sell your products or services over the Internet.

There are two main types of commerce web sites.

Corporate - Internet presence to provide company information and communications
Commercial - Market products and/or services for profit.

The Corporate web site

A corporate web site is a web site that presents your corporate presence via the Internet on a 24 hour basis giving access to your company to whomever you might wish to communicate with.

Typically the advantage of a corporate web site is the powerful e-mail capability to send and receive information including graphics, documents and binary programs attached to an e-mail message without massive postage expense or wait a day or two for the information to reach it's destination or receive a response.

E-mail can get the job done instantly with a press of a button and for now at least there is no additional cost other than the monthly access fee from your service provider.
The main advantage of the Internet is that even the smallest company or enterprise can create a web site to present their company for less money and reach more people than any other method.

The Commercial web site.

A commercial web site  is primarily for the purpose of selling product or services in addition to their corporate presence and e-mail communication functions.

A corporate web site can include a commercial page or pages that carry the burden of selling your products or services on-line.

The creation of a commercial web page is much more difficult to do since it involves the strategies and marketing techniques that demand an ever changing vigilance and creativity that all make up a successful commercial web site. Every aspect of advertising must be scrutinized and applied and at the right time, in the right place and in the correct format to attain success in marketing with your web site.
A commercial web site demands never ending attention and modifications just like any other conventional advertising venture. Content should constantly be added or changed. Where and how to draw traffic to your website is a major factor in the success of a commercial web site that may not even be an issue for a corporate web site.

A commercial web site requires financial support funded to the degree of return you anticipate. That means you have to spend money to make money. The Internet isn't a free ride. Advertising on the Internet is more complex than many others would have you believe.
The hype and flash of those who claim that their seminar will make you an expert in an evening is a typical example misleading many people to failure. There are no short cuts to commercial success on the Internet. It takes planning, knowledge and financial support and lots and lots of time in the form of research to keep a commercial web site functioning and successfully.

There are two types of Commercial web sites.


Definition of Successful:

A successful Commercial web site is:

A site that produces results as high or higher than expected in sales and revenues for the web site owner.

How does San Diego Internet Services help you create a 'successful' commercial web site?

See Why choose San Diego Internet Services?
Should you attempt to create your own website?

NOTE: Don't believe that all you need is a 'program' i.e. FrontPage, Hot Metal, or some other website design software will make you and instant website designer. You can create a website with graphics and text but your website will still be lacking in the necessary elements that we believe are necessary to create a 'successful' website.

There is a prevailing idea of those who are considering having a web site on the Internet that all one need do is download a copy of some editing software and you too can create a web site that will be "good enough" and you can do it for free!.
Let's ask another question? Would you go to a magazine to place a 5 or 6 page display ad and tell them never mind using their expertise in graphics, ad composition and test marketing, You have a program that will do all of that by creating the ad yourself? Nonsense, no one would even consider it. Advertising is too important to take that kind of chance.

Is the Internet any different? Yes in one respect. The perception is that advertising on the Internet is FREE after you publish your web site.
It is a dangerous and deceiving idea perpetuated by large companies like Microsoft, and Adobe and Netscape who market HTML editors with the implication that they make it simple to create a web page.

And yes, it is fairly easy to create a web site of some merit but that's not the point. If you don't know what to put into the web site to make it not only attractive but functional, then you have no business creating your own website.
You must know what to avoid in a web site that will detract or slow down it's performance, You will be not only wasting a lot of time, but you may even create a web site that does more harm than good and end up creating what I call Internet Clutter. Your web site will be just another non-functioning website cluttering up the Internet and does nothing positive for you or for the Internet in general.


If you have....

Studied the Internet
Know computer languages, html, java, flash, html/os, cold fusion, etc.
Have a working knowledge and a thorough background in advertising and marketing.
Expertise in computer graphics.
Own the software to create graphics and do it well.
The ability to write and compose effective ad content.
An understanding of where when and how much to advertise.

Then perhaps you might consider starting up your own web creation business because that is what it takes to create a good, professional, successful commercial web site. GO FOR IT!

OR Hire us to do all of this for you for a lot less trouble and a fair value for your investment and do it right the first time.

Contact us for a FREE Website Consultation

Understanding the basic psychology of the Internet:
This issue is not particularly obvious to many who attempt to tap it's resources and market their products or services.

The ideas and practices that work in conventional media advertising does not always work on the Internet and the main reason for this is when one places an ad in conventional media, the viewer or reader is normally interrupted by the ad either on television while viewing a program, or an ad on the same page as a story being read in a magazine.
On the Internet that normally doesn't occur.

Visitors to your website are expected to browse through a catalog of advertising. The competition for that proverbial "click" of the left mouse button to jump to your web site must be massaged to convince the person to select your web site above all the other millions of web sites.

Unless you have a one of a kind product, or are selling a product that every consumer wants, just having a web site displaying your products normally will not be enough to attract enough people on a day to day basis to your web site.

The most important factor however, is that visitors who decide to leave your website without making a buy decision usually never return!

We can design a web site for you that will not only display your company image, list and graphically display your products, but also have other content that will not only attract more people but get them to return again and again even if they don't buy the first time they visit, provided you follow our recommendations.

Which service should you use to host your web site?

Hosting your web site is providing a space on the Internet, usually on your ISP (Internet Service Provider's computer called a (server) which stores each individual web page code and is accessed through your Internet Address or URL.

Normally your ISP will offer not only Internet access for around $20.00 per month but also offer several megabytes of space on their server for you to publish your web pages. At first glance this seems to be a real bargain and in some cases it can adequate. However, there are drawbacks. ISP's normally do not spend a lot of time helping you enhance, update and most important, they don't usually help you MARKET your web site to any great degree if at all.

Hosting services on the other hand usually offer a much broader range of services in addition to hosting your web site because that's all they do is tend to maintain a higher degree of services and benefits to get you to use them exclusively as a hosting service regardless of who your get Internet access from. Many hosting service don't even provide Internet access and merrily concentrate on high levels of support and attention to your web site.

If you have a commercial web site, and are attempting to market products or services on the ?nternet it is a prudent choice to select a hosting service that includes Marketing services as part of their package. These hosting services spend most of their time devising methods and procedures to help you market your products. They usually will offer interactive database capability, secure shopping transactions, shopping cart catalog sales and many more optional services that an ISP selling mostly Internet access simply doesn't have the time to do.
Looking for a hosting service?
San Diego Internet Services recommends
BasicLink Hosting Services

Should I use a public address assigned by my ISP or get my own Domain name?
First let's consider some factors that will directly relate to this decision. Your Internet "name" or the URL address of your web site is very important. There are basically two types. A generic "public" address and a Domain Name address.
The Public address will reflect the name of your host service first followed by a name you select which is trailing at the end of the address.
Example: If your web site is hosted by a service provider called Acme Internet Access.

Plus. They might have an Internet URL that looks like This....  http://www.acmeaccessplus.com

If they are going to host your web site and you do not elect to have a private, or domain name assigned to you specifically, your Internet URL address might look something like this...
http://www.acmeaccessplus.com/~your company

As you can see that would be a lot of information to print on your business cards and you would forever be attached to the peril of that company changing it's address, going out of business etc. and your address would no longer be valid.
So what it the appeal? It's included in the small access charge so it is perceive as free... so why pay for it?

If you get your own private URL "Domain Name" assigned you can shorten the address to reflect only your company under your control and keep the address no matter who is hosting the web site. Your domain name URL address would look something like this... www.yourcompany.com

Why should you get a domain name?

If you listen to every ISP (Internet Service Provider), they will most often offer to not only give you Internet access but also give you several megabytes of space on their server to publish your web site. This is called hosting your web site. However, publishing your web site with the same service that provides you Intent access doesn't always mean you get the best bargain.

Hosting services normally don't offer Internet access and concentrate on the services that benefit their clients because they make their money providing additional services such as marketing, secure transactions, credit card processing, shopping cart catalog shopping capability, database interaction and all of the other important services that one must consider when putting up a commercial web page. Remember the term commercial, changes the whole picture.

We can recommend a hosting service that will serve you well for your commercial web site so you can expect better results than attempting to host your site somewhere with a service provider because it happens to be free.